VY CONCEPT: Synchronization of Design – Construction from renovation to interior finishing

VY CONCEPT: Synchronization of Design – Construction from renovation to interior finishing

VY CONCEPT: Synchronization of Design – Construction from renovation to interior finishing

With new breakthroughs from trends to design, uniqueness, towards perfection is what you can feel through the latest 2021 – 2023 interior design trends below.

Leading interior trends with “Bespoke”

Around the world, the Bespoke trend has been extremely popular in fields from fashion to cars and especially in the field of furniture. High-end customers do not want their apartments to be like anyone else’s and they do not want to use mass-produced furniture products purchased at showrooms.

The “Bespoke interior” design trend directs customers to “Unique” design furniture that is unmistakable and exclusive to them.

Many apartment owners have difficulty finding a sofa of the right length, a table at a height that they find convenient, or the most comfortable bed just for them.

Using Bespoke furniture with distinct highlights and personal style marks is like tailoring a suit for yourself that fits perfectly, affirming the leading interior trends of 2023.

Environmental friendliness

The 2021 interior design trend of using environmentally friendly materials to live in a feeling of peace and relaxation is increasingly popular for interior decoration.

Using environmentally friendly natural materials is not only safe for users’ health but also brings intimacy and lightness to the space.

Natural wood is one of the materials that is very popular today and the presence of Walnut wood is indispensable.

With impressive beauty from color to wood grain, perfect quality, high durability, walnut wood has been and is the ideal choice for building living spaces for many families.

Gentle color tones inspired by nature

The interior design trend using colors in 2021 inspired by nature is on the rise with champagne and neutral tones will remain popular tones in the near future.

However, softer colors such as mustard, dusty pink and various shades of blue and clear green will gradually become more popular. Ripe olive green is also considered one of the super luxurious choices for interior spaces.

An important factor is that the color must ensure a harmonious blend of colors, with flexibility and sophistication in contrasting dark and light shades, bringing sophistication and ensuring depth to the whole. space.

Combination of premium materials

In 2021, the use of high-quality materials in interior design and construction is increasingly popular, because of synchronization throughout the living space. Materials such as wood, leather and stone… in the interior will continue to break previous design boundaries.

With imported cowhide, chocolate brown walnut wood, and colorful and unique marble slabs in the space, it is increasingly popular in interior products with designs that highlight the materials. this in bold new ways.

In particular, the combination of high-quality materials from leading reputable brands such as Vicostone, De Dietrich, Alis, Occhio, Barandt… not only brings high aesthetic value to each home but is also good for health. The user’s health is one of the important factors being emphasized in current interior designs.

Minimalist trend

As the name suggests, the space is designed according to the minimalist trend, each line, decorative detail, furniture and color is also minimalist in its own way.

Minimalist but does not mean monotonous, boring because every detail in the living space is carefully cared for, little but quality.

Depending on the needs and preferences, each person will choose an interior design trend that is suitable for the homeowner.

The minimalist design trend is both a great choice for small spaces and an ideal choice for those who prefer simple, modern living spaces.

Open space design

The trend of building open space is being chosen by many homeowners, because the open space helps to visually connect the areas in the house, the designs are always directed to the outside, blending with nature and the air.

The open space design will help the house space become airy, and wider, especially suitable for apartments with a small area. The interior design is minimized, using only the necessary furniture, and expanding the space to the outside with large glass windows to bring comfort close to nature, creating a sense of relaxation. relaxed, comfortable.

Open space will still be a popular interior design trend in 2021

Curve art

The art of “curves” in design is the synthesis of furniture, interior, exterior and surrounding environment into a unified entity with closely related components.

Space is expressed to the outside into random “curves”, or shapes inspired by close and familiar in people’s daily lives.

Inspired by nature, in interior design curves are very popular, bold and diverse colors and interior materials used of natural origin help the living space become unique and innovative. more formal, but still retains the closeness and friendliness.

In 2021, this design trend is increasingly popular and will be used more in future interior designs.

User experience

Aesthetic elements always play an important role in interior design, however in recent years user experience has become more important than ever, so interior design trends in 2021 and the future will focus on more on the experience of using actual interior products.

That’s why the “Bespke” trend in interior architecture is gradually asserting its leading position with interior products designed to fit the space and personalized according to the homeowner’s preferences. different options. In particular, the products have diversified uses: Decorative shelves are not only used to display the owner’s items, but also act as a partition between the living room and kitchen… User experience is definitely a trend that brings great benefits. Great living value for homeowners.

Bring a “Bespoke” personalized style to your living space, as well as update the latest interior design trends in 2021 with many new and unique breakthroughs that we want to share with you. These new trends will be the foundation for you to build ideas for luxurious, classy living spaces.

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